Vista Point

Marsalforn, Gozo

A modern development that combines luxury living with the serene atmosphere of the Gozitan countryside



Life In Vista Point

Vista Point is a new development project located in Marsalforn, a popular destination on the island of Gozo. The project combines modern architecture and design to accommodate the needs of contemporary lifestyles while also considering the natural surroundings in one of the most scenic locations in Gozo.

Since the town is small, every amenity is easily accessible by foot. During the summer, the town is bustling with tourists, while in the off-peak seasons, it returns to the serene and peaceful pace of life that Gozo is famous for.

The Vista Point development combines modern architecture and sleek design. The result is a stunning lifestyle resort set in the beautiful Gozitan environment. Apartments are uniquely designed to suit different needs, as the project offers a wide range of accommodation layouts. 

Vista Point has two types of views depending on the location of the apartments. Apartments on the north side have sea views, while those on the south side have natural views and beautiful panoramas of Gozo’s countryside.


Marsalforn, home to Vista Point, is situated on the northwest coast of Gozo and is a small town located next to the sea. It was once a fishing village but has now transformed into a tourist destination, as it is known for its tranquil bay with a sandy beach. You can find various hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, and even a scuba diving shop if you want to enjoy a resort lifestyle by the seaside.

This development is located very close to the sea and within walking distance of some of the best restaurants, scenic seaside walks, and beautiful swimming spots in Gozo. Public transportation is conveniently located just outside the building, and essential amenities are nearby. 

Vista Point is also a Special Designated area, making purchasing your new home, weekend getaway, or rental investment easy and hassle-free. Apartments in Vista Point come in various layouts. The developers have divided the project into 5 phases and are calling it “Luxury Living by the Sea.” They offer 2- and 3-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 82m2 to 144m2  to match different budgets and preferences. They have designed each layout carefully to cater to individual lifestyles, and all units will be sold finished with high-quality materials and workmanship.

vista point during nightime

History and Culture

Marsalforn has a rich history dating back to Roman times and served as Gozo’s most crucial port until the sixteenth century. During this time, Marsalforn was the primary destination for unloading imported food supplies from Sicily. Although Marsalforn was originally a fishing village, it has managed to maintain its unique charm. The locality has saltpans bordering it that have been used since the 1700s and are still being utilized today.

You can see the entire area of Marsalforn and its surroundings from the top of a small hill called “il-merzuq.” This hill is also known as “tas-Salvatur” or Our Saviour’s Hill because it has a giant statue of Christ at the top. It is a prominent feature in the picturesque backdrop of the town.

The increase in tourism on the Maltese island during the 20th century caused the town’s economic focus to shift away from fishing. While fishing is still significant, locals’ main employment source is now increasingly tourism.

As time passed, the town experienced high demand for property due to the desire of wealthy Maltese and Gozitans for second homes and the increasing number of foreign investors in the housing market. As a result, the old palazzini that was once a notable feature of Marsalforn has been replaced with apartment blocks.

This has also caused a noticeable change in the town’s character, creating distinct seasons. When fewer tourists and second homes are often unoccupied in the winter, the town feels peaceful and quiet. In contrast, during the summer, the town is bustling with both local and foreign visitors, giving it a lively and energetic atmosphere.


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