St Angelo Mansions

Vittoriosa, Malta

Experience the beauty of waterfront living in these luxurious apartments


 Life In St Angelo Mansions

The St. Angelo Mansions complex is a crucial part of an exceptional waterfront regeneration project. The project includes, among other developments, an international yacht marina, a luxury hotel, a health spa, a casino, catering establishments, and various cultural outlets. 

These developments are set against the magnificent architectural gem of Fort St. Angelo and other historic buildings on the waterfront that date back to the period when the Knights occupied Malta. These luxurious apartments graciously respect the aesthetics of the historic location, blending in with the Cottonera Waterfront Project. The amazing views from these residences look over Valletta and Senglea, as well as the Fort of St. Angelo, making them an ideal investment for those looking to enjoy the historical beauty the island has to offer.


The residences are found on three angles, between the city of Vittoriosa (also known as Birgu) and Fort St. Angelo, surrounded by the Grand Harbour. The Grand Harbour Marina, home to many yachts, is on one side of the residences, while on the other side, you can find Kalkara Creek. The third side overlooks a moat separating the development from Fort St. Angelo, making it a truly beautiful place to live in. This site conveniently contains the Casino di Venezia, bistros, cafés, and retail outlets to accommodate its residents’ needs.

Each ten-apartment tower has its own private entrance and lift. Residents have access to parking spaces in the ground-floor parking garage. Each apartment is about 140 square meters in size. consisting of a front balcony, an entry hall, a sitting/dining room, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and three bathrooms, including one ensuite for the master bedroom. The flats are all designed to the highest standards and the perfect investment if you’re seeking to incorporate luxury into your life.

Just over 100 luxurious apartments make up the complex, the majority of which have views of the sea and the yacht marina. To ensure that they blend in with their historical surroundings, they have been designed to a high specification with careful attention to detail. 

History and Culture

In 2003, the ‘Cottonera Waterfront Project’ officially opened St. Angelo Mansions, a prestigious building of luxury flats with sea and harbor views. A 300-berth yacht marina, a marina residence club at Fort St. Angelo, a number of shops, offices, commercial and cultural complexes, catering businesses, and parking facilities were all built as part of the Birgu project.  

Within the ancient “Three Cities” region is where St. Angelo Mansions are situated. When the Knights of St. John arrived in Malta in the sixteenth century, they first resided in these three cities. As a result of their legacy, these cities are now home to a variety of palaces, churches, forts, and bastions, many of which are far older than Valletta, the country’s capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The three cities are currently overflowing with open spaces and pedestrian areas, upscale restaurants, wine bars, and museums, thanks to the region’s recent popularity rebirth. Additionally, they give visitors a chance to feel the strong sense of community that prevails and to live life the Maltese way because everything is within walking distance. Due to this, real estate in the Three Cities is a desirable place to live or invest. 

The three walled towns, once known as Birgu, Bormla, and Isla, still exhibit a large portion of their former architectural splendor and legitimately stake claim to being the origins of Maltese history. The harbor inlets, which have been used since Phoenician times and have served as homes and fortresses to nearly every population to settle on the Islands over the years, provide an intriguing look into Malta’s maritime history. One of Malta’s most well-known marinas is located in the Harbour, which is currently a popular destination for luxury yachts. 

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