How To Sell Luxury Property In Malta

How To Sell Luxury Property In Malta


Home selling is among the most stressful events you may face in your life as a property owner. Luckily, there are things you can do before putting your luxury house up for sale to boost your chances of getting a solid offer from buyers. You don’t need a lot of money or even a professional to stage your house perfectly and sell it at a premium price. From deep cleaning and depersonalizing to repainting with interior decorative paints, here are five things to do before selling your luxury home.

1.  Make necessary repairs and renovations

When people see broken items and fixtures, they may worry about the integrity of the things they cannot see. To ease their minds, create a list of everything that needs fixing and decide what must be repaired or replaced. From leaky sinks and misaligned closet doors to cracked windows and dingy door knobs.

As for renovations, consider the costs and the potential increase in your property value. Focus on minor updates instead of doing major renovation projects that require more time and unplanned expenses. Also, choose upgrades and furniture accessories that are not tied to individual tastes to maintain a broader appeal to buyers.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

Paint can make your property more sellable. Fresh paint makes a huge difference to the look of a home at a minimal cost, especially when compared with the price of getting a new roof or flooring.

Here are the key spots to paint before your property goes on the market:

  • Kitchen walls 
  • Bathroom walls 
  • Cabinets in every room
  • Main living space
  • Accent wall
  • Interior and exterior window trim
  • Front door
  • Garage door
  • Mailbox and house number

An excellent paint job shows prospective buyers that you care about your house and will serve them well in the many years to come. This can translate to a significant ROI if you find a serious buyer.

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3. Give your house a deep clean

First impressions mean a lot. So don’t let dirty floors, foul smells, or dusty surfaces discourage potential buyers.  Here are some pre-cleaning tips designed to transform your home into a property that impresses potential buyers:

  • Tackle big chores first and be honest about how long every job may take.
  • Clean every kitchen cabinet, drawer, and corner. Check the lower cabinets for any sign of insect debris.
  • Wash shower curtains, clean out under sinks and behind toilets, and polish fixtures ( if the grout and tile look dingy, give these a new-home shine )
  • Refresh the rugs and carpets.
  • Wash down door handles and light switches.
  • Vacuum, dust, and sweep regularly. One-time jobs include wiping down walls, polishing light fixtures, and cleaning the doors, windows, baseboards, trim, and sills.
  • Clean the windows inside and out, especially the latches and frames, and include the cords and blinds.
  • Wash the curtains or drapes
  • Don’t forget the basement and the fireplace during cleanup.

4. Make your property clutter-free

When preparing your house for a sale, less is more. So the first thing you should do is to remove all the clutter. If there are fewer items inside, your house will look and feel bigger.

Whenever possible, consider renting storage spaces to keep some of your stuff, especially those you don’t use every day. Tackle also the closets, cupboards, drawers, and anything with closed doors because nothing is off-limits to interested buyers!

  • Donate duplicate household items and those you have not used in a year, including clothing, books, and toys.
  • Shred or recycle paper.
  • Store away family pictures, heirlooms, memorabilia, and keepsakes.
  • Hold a garage sale to get rid of unused items around the house.

Clearing clutter will also help ease your move once you agree to an offer. Moving out is quicker and stress-free if some of your things are already packed or stored off-site.

5. Boost curb appeal

Green is good when staging a property. Plants add color and life to your interior décor, making it feel more welcoming to potential buyers. A bowl of fruits on the kitchen counter or a bouquet of flowers on a coffee table can work wonders also. Most buyers highly appreciate these touches around the house. They consider it as a sign that your property has been well cared for.

Just remember that staging your property does not entail spending a lot of money or even ripping down walls and bringing in new furniture and flooring.  All it takes is a little strategic effort!

What Defines Luxury Living In Malta?

The three pillars of luxury living are style, impeccable design, and infallible comfort. Luxury living encompasses a vision of the ultimate home in the Maltese Islands and no buyer will settle for anything less.

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The Benefits Of Working With Dhalia Real Estate

Dhalia’s focus will always be on the quality of a property and the essence of what distinguishes it from the rest, not the price tag. Through precise analysis, we match the unique needs of an individual buyer with the right home.  With our help, you can rest assured you’re getting all the perks while we deliver the right buyer to your doorstep. Here’s our offer:

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Register Your Property With Luxury Living By Dhalia

Are you thinking of selling your luxury home? If so, you’ll want to work with a real estate company that specializes in high-end properties. At Dhalia Real Estate, we have a team of experienced agents who will work with you to determine the right price for your home and help you to market it effectively. We will also use our vast network of contacts to find potential buyers who are a good match for your property.