What Is 3D Real Estate And How It Can Benefit Your Property?

In the past, if you wanted to get a sense of what a piece of real estate looked like, you would have to either visit the property in person or settle for looking at two-dimensional photos. But thanks to advances in technology, there is now a third option: 3D real estate listings. So, what exactly is 3D real estate? And how is it different from traditional property listings? Here’s a quick rundown.

How 3D Real Estate Works

3D real estate utilizes various technologies, including drones, 360-degree photography, and virtual reality (VR), to create an immersive three-dimensional experience of a property. 

With this cutting-edge method, buyers can take a virtual tour of a property from the comfort of their own homes. They can explore every nook and cranny of the house or condo—without having to set foot on the property itself. For sellers, this type of listing provides a unique opportunity to showcase their home in the best possible light and attract more potential buyers. 

The Benefits of 3D Real Estate

For buyers, 3D listings offer a level of convenience that traditional listings simply can’t match. With a traditional listing, buyers have to schedule appointments to view properties in person. This can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you’re looking at multiple properties. With 3D listings, on the other hand, you can view as many properties as you want in as little or as much detail as you like—all without ever having to leave your living room. 

Another big benefit of 3D listings is that they offer buyers a more realistic sense of what a property is actually like. Photo galleries and written descriptions can only tell you so much. With a 3D listing, you can get a true feel for the size and layout of a property and get an idea of ​​how your furniture would fit into each room. 

From a seller’s perspective, one of the main benefits of 3D listings is that they make it easier to attract buyers from out of town or even out of the country. With a traditional listing, these buyers would have no way of knowing what your property looks like until they physically saw it in person—but with a 3D listing, they can explore your property in detail before they ever step foot on it. This type of technology provides sellers an opportunity to provide an immersive experience that really highlights all their home’s best features. 

Property Scanning Technology At Dhalia

Dhalia has invested in this unique piece of technology that is changing the face of online advertising in real estate on an international level. Our 3D imaging technology is a smart 3-dimensional camera that maps out its surrounding into an interactive dollhouse. It captures stunning detail, stitching together separate shots into one complete structure to present the big picture as an interactive walkthrough environment.

This new method provides an immersive digital model of home interiors, together with detailed measurements of the property as well as an automatically generated floor plan, thereby providing a complete understanding of your property’s layout.

How It Works

Dhalia’s 3D photographer makes an appointment to visit the property at your convenience. He sets up the unique 3D camera at strategic points around the property in order to capture every facet, which makes a digital reconstruction of the home. In a matter of hours, the scan is complete, and by the following day, the property will be available online through Dhalia’s website.

Why You Need It

In today’s generation, the 3D walkthrough has made a considerable impact on real estate. Its inclusion in this industry has rendered both sellers and buyers the freedom to showcase or view a property with utmost detail. Seeing the property from different angles gives them an overview of how the house would look from the inside. Some even feel like they are already living in that space. It is as if they are just touring the house in person, whenever they want and without having to go out

This number of benefits had prompted real estate developers and sellers to use 3D rendering more often in presenting their house designs and interiors. As a result, it became one of the most essential marketing tools in selling houses today. Potential buyers are now easily swayed by the good 3D animation presentations that some companies offer. This goes to show that technology had greatly changed not just the way we live but also the way we purchase things— facilitating methods that are easier and more convenient for us.

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