Our top locations are neighbourhood guides, aiming to introduce you to the individual flair of each area of the Maltese Islands. Although our country is so small, every location has its own distinct set of characteristics. Along with a description of the area, our neighbourhood guides also include area highlights, any Special Designated Areas, and which Dhalia branches can be found in the area.


Do you want to learn more about Malta? Read on!

Nestled some 90km to the south of Sicily and 290km north of Africa, the Maltese Islands are in the heart of the Mediterranean. The archipelago is formed of three islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. The total population of the islands is just over 420,000 people within an area of 316 square km and a total coastline of 252.81km. Excellent transport connections mean Malta is just a few hours away from many major European cities, and Malta International Airport is just 10km from the capital city, Valletta.

Malta is the largest island of the archipelago, functioning as the cultural, commercial, and administrative hub. Gozo is the second in size and is more rural, reliant on fishing, tourism, crafts, and agriculture, whilst Comino is largely uninhabited. The longest distance in Malta from southeast/northwest is 27km and the widest is 14km. Gozo is 14km long and 7km wide, whilst Comino covers a total of 3.5 square km.