Real Estate Branch Manager Award & Real Estate Consultant Award

Name of institution: Dhalia Real Estate Services Ltd

Licence number: 2021-001

Licenced as a Further Education Institution by the MFHEA

Please find the Quality Assurance Policy attached.


Name of award provided by the institution:

Real Estate Branch Manager Award – MQF Level 4


Real Estate Consultant Award  – MQF Level 4

(8 ECTS)


Method of delivery: Face-to-face


Mode of Attendance: Part-time



Real Estate Consultant Award 8 weeks (2 sessions per week);

Branch Manager Award: 12 weeks (2 sessions per week).


Target audience: 18+


Target group: Individuals who want to pursue a career as real estate consultants/branch managers of a real estate office.


Languages of instruction: English / Maltese


Sessions delivered at: Dhalia’s Training Centre at 125, St. George’s Road, St. Julian’s.


Entry requirements: A minimum of 5 ‘SEC’ level passes (or their foreign equivalent) in any subjects with English Language being one of them,

OR 3 years experience in a full-time Sales / Letting position in the Real Estate Industry,

OR 4 years experience in a full-time Sales position not related to the Real Estate Industry,

OR 5 years experience in a full-time job even if not related to Sales.


Learning Outcomes of the Real Estate Consultant/Branch Manager Award:

  • Recognise the prime responsibilities of being an Estate Consultant
  • Describe the linkages between the Property Industry and the country’s economic development
  • Describe the players of the property market, including the government and all its relevant agencies and the risks involved in real estate
  • Apply the learnt Sales Skills to show clients available properties and assist them to find that perfect home
  • Recommend property investment purchases to potential investors through knowledge of investment techniques and calculations
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills needed to assist buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords in all their property needs. 
  • Apply the appropriate techniques on how to acquire new clients, manage clients’ expectations and understand the customer life cycle.
  • Outline the key stages of property development
  • Calculate the estimated value of a property based on sound research, market trends and data analysis
  • Liaise and communicate effectively with architects, notaries and other related professionals within the real estate sector
  • Recognise and explain the art and challenges of real estate investments
  • Apply the techniques to locate properties for sale / to rent and negotiate with sellers/landlords/tenants to close deals
  • Outline the industry’s secrets and apply expert sales & negotiation skills to close deals for clients
  • Develop marketplace expertise and interpret Real Estate Laws including Anti-Money Laundering and GDPR in the context of client property needs.
  • Demonstrate a capability to coordinate with architects, notaries, developers, contractors on matters related to the coordination of closing sales, signing promises of sales and final deeds
  • Recognise the various classes of commercial leases and acquisition costs, 
  • Plan and propose the right property to business people for their commercial business needs
  • Outline every aspect of home loans and appraise clients’ borrowing needs.
  • Interpret structural construction drawings and the relevant specifications in a way that can be explained to clients and investors.
  • Recall local sanitary and planning laws so that you would be able to better advise clients 
  • Articulate to clients the relative stamp duty payable on the purchase of a property and the final withholding tax payable on the sale of a property
  • Choose the best technique and medium to advertise a property to reach its target audience more effectively.


Real Estate Consultant/Branch Manager Award Modules:

  1. The Role of the Real Estate Consultant
  2. The Real Estate Industry (Property Market)
  3. Understanding Properties – Valuations and Characteristics
  4. Clients Behaviour and Expectations
  5. Sales Skills
  6. Advertising
  7. Legal Aspects of Real Estate
  8. Linking Self-Employment and Organisational Behaviour
  9. Leadership Skills
  10. Appreciation of Financial Statements & the Theory of Supply and Demand
  11. Marketing Management
  12. Managing People

For the full course details follow this link. Modules 1 – 8 are compulsory for the Real Estate Consultant Award; Modules 1 – 12 are compulsory for the Branch Manager Award.


Date of next intake: Continuous intake


Fee: Real Estate Consultant Award: €600, Branch Manager Award: €1200

These Awards are sponsored by Dhalia Real Estate Services for its consultants.


Third country nationals (non-EU) are to visit for their visa requirements.


For more information, please contact: By obtaining this award, the participant would be eligible to apply for the Real Estate Consultant licence: