SmartCity & The Shoreline

kalkara, Malta


the shoreline

The Shoreline in SmartCity, Kalkara will be home to more than 400 residences on the seashore, and a 30-outlet shopping mall with 18,000 square metres of net rentable space, and three levels of underground parking.

The Shoreline is a multi-purpose complex that comprises of apartments of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms while catering for entertainment needs. With Food and Beverage facilities as well as Retail Outlets. The Shoreline anticipates your daily needs for improved quality of life.


SmartCity Malta

SmartCity Malta is one of Malta’s largest networked business spaces. Strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is an efficient gateway to the EU, North Africa and the Middle East. The island offers many economic and social advantages including competitive tax and government incentives. Its robust and growing economy is paired with a highly motivated and English-speaking workforce. Above all, the warm Mediterranean lifestyle is difficult to beat.

SmartCity Malta unifies all the essential elements of quality living. The project encompasses work, creativity, learning and entertainment within one location. Thus SmartCity Malta forms a phenomenal business and residential district.

The SmartCity Malta concept revolves around four phases. They bring together work, living, creativity and education into a self sustaining knowledge-rich community. The project encompasses 27,000 metres squared of commercial and leisure space. 

SmartCity is designed to increase productivity and enhance the well being of business owners, workers and visitors. The general design concept of SmartCity is 'bright open spaces with everything close at hand, set against an inspiring natural backdrop'

Adding to the highly sophisticated business sector is an advanced and reliable ICT infrastructure. This has been constructed with the intention to share local expertise. The SmartCity Malta network intends to do this on both a national and international level.

SmartCity Malta has also been designed to keep the environmental impact of the development to a minimum.

An exciting retail and leisure sector is also available at SmartCity Malta. This brings the innovative community to life with seaside retail and food and beverage outlets located in Malta's first Lagoon district.

The most eye catching feature of the SmartCity development is definitely the majestic fountain. This magnificent spectacle of water will surely draw visitors from all over the island.



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