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Business Centres in Malta

Office space in Malta is available to rent and to purchase. We are seeing a growing number of business centres being designed as an all-in-one solution which include shopping areas, food courts, convenient parking, and outdoor areas.


International access - Doing business in Malta

Due to Malta’s excellent geographic location in the Mediterranean sea, the country is often used as a business hub by international companies. Access to the island is facilitated by flights to most European capital cities, as well as the United Arab Emirates, and other locations. 


Start up hub - Business space in Malta

Compared to the high initial cost of starting up a business in London or Paris, the simplicity and relative ease of doing so in Malta make it a great alternative. 



Business relocation - Offices in Malta

Many businesses move to Malta. This is because the island offers a fantastic climate, culture, and lifestyle for workers. Malta’s tax laws are also rather favourable. A stable political environment and a well-developed IT infrastructure are two of Malta’s greatest strengths in attracting foreign businesses.


Sectors of growth in Malta:

  • Technology
  • Film
  • Tourism
  • Gaming