The Dhalia Family



Working with Dhalia is better than working for any other real estate agency. This is because of the fundamental culture of openness and the family atmosphere. Although the company is divided into many branches across the Maltese Islands, we are united under one name.



The one characteristic that makes Dhalia as strong as it is today is our friendly approach to our work. Our business is based on matching people with the property they are looking for. With over 50,000 properties on our database, that may seem like a difficult task. Dhalia consultants work in a way that is quite remarkable, coordinating with each other to find the perfect match for their clients. This friendly way of working encourages collaboration and sharing of information, which in turn benefits the client.

Consultants working with Dhalia know they are never alone. Help is always available from senior consultants and managers.

At Dhalia we believe that nobody knows the business better than our consultants. For this reason, we have an excellent open approach to communication within our company. Management holds frequent meetings with negotiators to keep abreast of day-to-day activities. The offices of the Executive Chairman and the CEO are always open to discuss any issues or put forth new ideas. Through this approach we feel that we have achieved a fantastic workplace that we call the Dhalia family.



Just like any large family, Dhalia holds regular get-together events throughout the year. A combination of large-scale events involving the whole company, and small branch-based activities, ensures that our staff, consultants, and management feel united under one name.