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Property for Sale in Valletta

Your Dream Home Awaits in Valletta, Malta

Malta, often called the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean,’ is not just an idyllic holiday spot but also a place to call home. Its blend of history, culture, and modernity makes it the perfect backdrop for your dream property. Whether you are considering relocating, investing, or retiring, Malta has something for everyone.

Why Buy in Valletta

Valletta proudly offers a range of properties for sale. Choose from modern apartments, traditional Maltese townhouses, or villas that exemplify luxury and comfort.

Investment Value

  • Strong Resale Market: Malta's property market has seen a consistent rise in value, ensuring that your investment is a sound one.
  • Tax Benefits: Numerous tax incentives cater to property buyers, making it financially advantageous to invest in Valletta.
  • Quality of Life: Whether it's the food, the climate, or the people, life in Valletta is bound to captivate your heart.

Types of Properties Available*

Our listings in Valletta cover a broad spectrum of property types:

  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Villas and Mansions
  • Townhouses and Traditional Homes

Why Choose Us?

We have been serving the Maltese real estate market for years, offering in-depth local knowledge and expertise. Our commitment to excellence makes us your ideal partner in finding the perfect property for sale in Valletta. We offer:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis
  • Legal and Financial Guidance
  • Post-Sale Support

If you're ready to make the first move toward owning a home in Valletta, contact us for a consultation.

Valletta is the small capital of Malta, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful walled city is famous for its palaces and monumental churches, as well as its animated island atmosphere. Home to some of the best sunsets in the Mediterranean, Valletta is a city you must not cross off your list if you’re thinking of buying property in Malta. There are plenty of things to do here, from exploring the historic buildings and museums to enjoying the views from one of the many parks or terraces. You can also sample the local cuisine in one of the many restaurants or cafes or simply enjoy wandering around this charming city.

Valletta is a city that always seems to be teeming with life. The streets are crowded, and the buildings are tall and close together. It can be overwhelming the first time, but it is also a very memorable experience. The old streets are laid out in a grid, and they are interlinked so that it is easy to find one’s way around. Despite the modern world slowly chipping away at its ancient glory, Valletta retains a sense of pride and beauty. Its people are passionate about their city and its history, which is evident in how they go about their daily lives. From the bustling markets to charming buildings, Valletta will surely surprise you.

Not to mention that in recent years, there has been a renewed interest in Valletta, with the city being awarded the Capital City of Europe for Culture. This has led to a number of restoration projects aimed at returning the area to its former glory. As a result, the capital is once again becoming an attractive option for those looking to rent or buy property in Valletta. Whether you're looking for a historic place in the city centre or a modern apartment with views of the harbour, Valletta has something to offer everyone.


Valletta is a city that lives and breathes history. Founded in 1566 by the Order of St. John, it was built to withstand attacks from land or sea. The result is a city that is both imposing and impregnable, with high walls and fortifications dominating the skyline.

Yet despite its militaristic origins, Valletta is also a city of culture and refinement. The grand palaces and churches built by the Order of St. John are evidence of this, as are the numerous museums and art galleries dotted around the city. The city has been meticulously preserved, giving visitors the chance to step back in time and experience baroque architecture at its finest.

Today, Valletta remains one of the best-preserved historic cities in Europe, and its old-world charm is evident at every turn. From the grandiose architecture of its public buildings to the labyrinthine layout of its streets, Valletta offers visitors an immersive experience that is unlike any other. And yet, for all its history, Valletta is also a city that is very much alive. Its narrow streets are packed with shops and restaurants, and its bustling harbor is a constant hive of activity.


Statistic Value
Total Population 5.900 people approx
Average Age 41 years old
Monthly Expenses ( no rent ) €950
Average Monthly Salary €1.120

Local Amenities

There is always something to see or do in Valletta, as the city is full of historical landmarks and cultural attractions. You can explore the ancient fortifications, visit the many museums, or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city.

If you're looking for a good meal, you'll be spoiled for choice. The city has a wide range of dining options to suit any taste. From traditional Maltese cuisine found at Ambrosia to Italian delicacies at Sotto Pinsa Romana. And, of course, no day out and about in Valletta would be complete without stopping by Caffe Cordina. This local institution has been serving coffee, cakes, and Maltese specialties on its shady terrace since 1837.

Valletta is also home to a variety of shops, ranging from high-end boutiques to local corner stores, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Plus, the city is easily accessible by bus from all over Malta, making it the perfect base for exploring the rest of the island. Whether you're interested in soaking up the city's unique atmosphere or simply want to check some items off your shopping list, moving to Valletta is sure to be a memorable experience.


In recent years, Malta has also become known for its safety; the island has a low crime rate and is generally considered to be a very safe place to visit. However, there are still some risks that visitors should be aware of, especially in crowded cities like Valletta.

It is quite normal to walk the streets at any time, especially in busier areas of town, where people are out even at 3 am. Crime rates in Valletta, and Malta in general, have always been quite low compared to other EU states. However, since more people are visiting the capital every year, some minor threats are becoming more common, such as pickpocketing and theft. These are mostly aimed at tourists, but everyone should take precautions to protect themselves from these risks. Despite these dangers, the capital remains a safe place to live, so if you’re looking for property for sale in Valletta, you can rest assured nothing will happen to you long-term.


Public buses are the main means of transport in Malta. They are cheap and operate throughout the day and night. Valletta hosts the main bus station, and from there, you can move throughout the capital or connect to other parts of the island. The most important areas include the cruise ship port in Valletta, Bugibba, Malta international airport, Victoria town in Gozo, and Cirkewwa terminal.

Public route buses are pocket-friendly for both ex-pats and locals. And the best part about using public buses is that they have fixed charges to avoid overcharging. You can buy tickets beforehand or on the spot for around €1.50 during winter, €2.00 during summer, and €3.00 when traveling at night.

Walking and cycling are also good options for transport. They are cheaper than public buses and faster if you are not in a hurry. However, you should be careful when walking or cycling as the roads can be narrow and busy.

Average Price Per Square Meter

For those looking for a more permanent residence, Malta's real estate market is an attractive option. Properties in Valletta are particularly sought-after due to their prime location and unique charm.

These old-fashioned buildings can be transformed into luxurious homes while still retaining their original character. With sweeping views of the Grand Harbour and beyond, Valletta is the perfect place to call home. So if you’re looking for Valletta for sale options, here are the average prices per square meter:

Location Avg. Price
Centre €5.500
Outskirts €4.000

Popular Spots

A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Valletta is known for its beautiful golden stone buildings, ornate churches, and colorful balconies. The capital of Malta though old and magnificent is continually teeming with life and a feeling of action. There is always something to do or see. From museums and galleries to restaurants and pubs, this city will surely keep you entertained if you decide to buy property in Valletta.

The Barraka Gardens

The Barrakka Gardens are one of the most popular spots in Valletta, Malta. The gardens were created by the Knights of St. John in the 16th century as a private garden for use by the nobility. However, they were later opened to the public and have since become a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Located on the city's edge, the gardens offer a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities. The upper garden features a marble fountain and several sculptures, while the lower garden includes a children's playground and a cafe. They are also home to the Saluting Battery, a historic fortification that fires a cannon daily at noon.

Fortifications of Valletta

The city walls of Valletta are not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also a unique and beautiful example of a fortification that is still standing. The view from the top of the walls is one of the best in the city, and it is easy to see why. Valletta is built on a high point overlooking the harbor, and from the walls, there is a clear view of both the city and the water. The walls are also very thick, which helped to protect the city from attack. In addition, there are several bastions and towers along the walls, which provided additional protection. Today, the city walls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Valletta, and they offer visitors a chance to experience a piece of history.

St. Lucia Street

St Lucia Street is one of the best places to go in Valletta for a bit of charm and character. This pedestrianized street is lined with gorgeous cafés and restaurants, making it the perfect spot for people watching or grabbing a bite to eat. The large pot plants and lights draped across the street give it a real festive feel. It's definitely one of the most scenic spots in Valletta and well worth your time.

St. John’s Cathedral

There are many churches all throughout Malta, but nothing compares to St John's Cathedral. This is by far one of the most impressive churches you’ll lay your eyes on. It is plain on the outside, but inside it is very colorful, with lots of golden ornaments decorating the walls. The ceilings have frescoes, the floors are made of marble, and the walls are covered in gilded carvings. The cathedral was built for the Knights of Saint John between 1572 and 1577, and it was revamped in the 17th century. It’s a stunning example of Malta's rich history and culture, and it is well worth a visit for anyone interested in architecture or art.