Malta Individual Investor Programme - IIP



Citizenship by investment

This programme is suitable for international investors, public figures, ultra high net worth individuals, and private individuals who meet the application requirements.


Tax Benefits

Individuals who obtain Maltese citizenship can retain “non-domiciled” status and benefit from the generous tax system of the Maltese Islands. Maltese residents who are non-domiciled are only required to pay tax on income earned or received within the country.

The Individual Investor Programme grants citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations. 



The applicant must be over 18 years of age and possess a clean criminal record. 

Applicant must hold resident status in Malta for at least 1 year.


A contribution to the National Development & Social fund must be made, to the amount of €650,000 for the applicant plus the following additions for family members:

  • €25,000 each for spouse & minor children,
  • €50,000 each for a dependent child between the ages of 18-26 and dependent parents over 55 years of age.

The applicant must commit to reside in Malta for at least 5 years by purchasing property valued at not less than €350,000 or leasing property of at least €16,000 per annum. Additionally, applicants must invest €150,000 in government-approved instruments for at least 5 years.


For more information about this programme and to find property that satisfies the terms, call Dhalia on 00356 2149 0681, email or send us a message on Facebook.


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