Malta Citizenship & Residency Programmes


Living in Malta: Lifestyle

Graced with a warm climate and set in crystal clear waters, the Maltese Islands offer an unforgettable experience where total relaxation combines with rich cultural and artistic treasures. 

The Maltese Islands offer a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle brightened by fresh fish and local vegetables. Our islands offer an impressive range of historical and cultural sites, together with a huge variety of activities, making Malta a truly unique place to live. 



  • Freedom of movement within the Schengen Zone
  • A safe & politically stable country with a steadily growing economy
  • A diverse & multi-cultural community
  • Excellent business opportunities and plenty of grant schemes for investors

Maltese Residency

The Maltese government supports foreign individuals through several residence programmes, as well as the Individual Investor Programme, the latter being a citizenship programme. Benefits include indefinite residence in Malta and free access to European countries.

Advantages of Maltese citizenship include stability and security, comfort, safety, an ideal location as a gateway to the EU and visa-free access to the EU/Schengen area. 

The tax system is particularly advantageous to foreigners with residential status, as such individuals are not taxed on foreign-sourced capital gains and foreign-sourced income not remitted to Malta. 

Current residence & citizenship programmes:


Tax Benefits

Individuals who obtain Maltese citizenship can retain “non-domiciled” status and benefit from the afore-mentioned advantageous tax system of the Maltese Islands. By way of general principle, Maltese residents who are non-domiciled are only required to pay tax on income earned or received within the country.

As a Maltese Resident, one will not be taxed on foreign-sourced income not remitted to Malta, not on foreign-sourced capital gains (whether remitted to Malta or not). Moreover, global residents can benefit from Malta’s double taxation agreements with most EU countries, USA, Canada and Australia.


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