The Ultimate Homeowners Guide – Part 4

Overcome Annoying Home Problems


  1. The Stinky Bathroom

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean all the time! We like to use reed diffusers because they last long, release scent gradually, and are refillable. 

Bonus: Keep your toilet brush from accumulating foul odour by pouring scented toilet cleaner into the toilet brush holder.


2. A Messy Loose Garden Hose

Who hasn’t fallen over the garden hose once or twice? Although it may seem like a silly little problem, the loose garden hose is a danger to young children or older people. Tidy up your hose with a garden hose reel, or go old-school by coiling your hose into a large tin bucket.


3. A Rusty Knife is a Sad Knife

Although it won’t give you tetanus, nobody likes to eat from rusty cutlery. Free your knives and other cutlery from rust by soaking them in lemon juice or vinegar for 30 minutes. Then, scrub with a scouring pad. The best way to avoid rust in the first place is to clean your cutlery by hand and dry them immediately. The heat of a dishwasher causes stress points which are the perfect spots for rust to form.


4. Smart Rubbish

Nobody likes dealing with the rubbish, but you can make the process easier with these clever hacks. 

Drill a hole on opposite sides of your rubbish container. You no longer have to deal with the trapped air reducing the bin’s capacity, as air can escape via the holes.

After changing the bag, place a few sheets of newspaper at the bottom of the new bin bag. This will soak up rubbish juice and reduce foul odour. 

Don’t you hate it when the bin bag falls into the bin? Secure your rubbish bags to the sides of the bin with small adhesive plastic hooks. 


5. Say Bye-Bye to Black Grouting

Fresh white grouting looks fantastic, but in the humid environment of the bathroom, this quickly becomes black with mould. Prepare a paste by mixing a small amount of water into baking soda, and spread over grouting. Leave this on for 1-2 hours, then scrub it out with a stiff brush or an old toothbrush. Once you’ve made the effort to remove the mould from your grouting, you’ll want to prevent it from coming back. Make sure your bathroom gets plenty of airflow by opening doors and windows after a hot shower. A great preventative measure is to fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half water and spray after using the shower. 


6. Hairy Carpets

Your carpet should provide comfort and keep your toes safe from the cold floor in winter. However, those of us with long hair or pets will often find our bare feet have become furry after walking on the carpet. A rubber squeegee will dislodge the pet or human hair from your carpets easily.