Dhalia Summer Party 2017

on Monday, September 11, 2017



Dhalia Real Estate Services held their annual summer party in the lively atmosphere of the Edge, Radisson Blue, St. Julian’s.

“It was great to see everyone gathered together for this special occasion, not just because we are celebrating our 35th year in operation, but also because our team has grown significantly over the last few months,” said Dhalia chairman Chris Grech.

Entertainment was provided by deejay Roberta Nicholls and musician Joseph Portelli, both sales consultants working with the company.

“As property agents we have quite a varied workday - often darting around with clients - so we don’t often get to see each other at the office,” said Dhalia Tigné branch manager Marco Audino, “Social events like this one are a great opportunity to meet up and unwind with good food and good company.”

Those interested in joining a winning team of real estate professionals should visit dhalia.com/become-a-property-consultant/




This article appeared in the Sunday Times of Malta on the 10th September 2017.