MSc in Real Estate for Dhalia CEO

Last updated: 20.11.2020


Alan Grima was recently awarded a Master of Science degree in Real Estate with a distinction from the University of Reading. Mr. Grima is the Chief Executive Officer of Dhalia Real Estate Services.


Mr. Grima began reading for the MSc in Real Estate in 2013 with the aim to increase his knowledge on the industry from both a technical and practical perspective. The three-year programme involved research on the investment, economics, valuation, finance, and marketing aspects of real estate.


Mr. Grima has been with the company for nine years and was appointed  CEO in 2015. His background in information technology led him to steer the company towards implementing new technologies in order to remain ahead of the market.


The white paper on real estate recently proposed by the government has suggested a mandatory education component, ensuring that estate agents are licensed to carry out their work.

Dhalia has always emphasised the importance of education among its staff and property consultants. Regular training sessions aimed at ensuring that customers are offered the best possible service are organised at the company’s dedicated training centre in Xemxija.


If you are interested in joining the Dhalia team please call on freephone 8007 4949, or send your CV to


This article appeared in the Malta Independent on 18th November 2016.

Melanie Ciantar