How To Sell Malta Property – According to the Experts


When it comes to Maltese real estate, many are realising that it’s a seller’s market. There has never been a better time to sell property here in Malta, but selling your house can be complicated – especially the first time round. There’s more demand for good property in Malta than ever, but it also makes it tougher for the typical seller to stand out.

When trying to figure out the exact steps while avoiding the biggest mistakes property sellers make, it’s probably a good idea to turn to experts who have been dealing in selling Maltese property and adapting to these changes for over three decades. There are many details to take care of before you sign the contract and hand over the property to the new owners, which is why many sellers turn to the experts for help. Dhalia branch managers have sold thousands of properties over the past years, so they’ve seen a few things, and they can help you sell your house.

We interviewed three of our property selling experts for their insight to shed light on the best practices they’ve seen that helped property owners sell their property fast.


Mark Borg Mangion, Dhalia Valletta branch manager

“Photography is crucial. We live in a hugely visual culture now. Social media platforms such as Instagram have made selling property an exercise in appealing to people’s aesthetic sense and aspirational sense at the same time. It’s important to remember that the way you decorated your home might not be for everyone. Remove clutter and personal items such as framed family photos when your trusted real estate agent visits for the photoshoot that could make the difference between a fast sale and an arduous marketing journey to find the right buyer. You want them to see that photo and imagine themselves living within that unique space. After all, potential buyers aren’t buying your sense of style, but a space in which they can explore their own. They’re also after practical things, such as storage space, accessibility, great light, and up-to-date furniture fixtures. Investing the time and money to make your home more appealing to the average buyer, both practically and visually, is well worth it.”


Gordon Dalli, Fgura branch manager

”Paperwork might not be fun, but it’s crucial. Check plans permits and relevant documents are all in order or this will come back to haunt you later. Working with a single property agency will also help because the agent can devote more time to the property knowing that the sale is in their hands only, and guide you in such matters. You might think that having multiple agencies will help you sell faster because agents will compete for your business, but that’s not necessarily the case. Listing your property in multiple places can sometimes end up with different prices at different agencies, which muddles the message and confuses potential buyers Also if you keep getting calls from different agents all the time, setting up viewings, it’s easier with one agent as they won’t clash. What’s more, selling with Dhalia as your sole property agency carries a lower fee at 3.5%”



Konrad Sultana, Marsaskala branch manager.


“Be 100% certain that your potential buyer is committed. From the earliest possible time, agree on the minimum price acceptable to them, and be ready and willing to negotiate – your agent will help with this. It’s important to get your pricing right: get your trusted property advisor to give you a valuation. Leave it to the agent to take clients around the property and only answer questions when the agents asks for further information. Agree with the agent about the highlights of the property so they can be used as selling points.”



Here are the key points mentioned by our experts to sell your first property:

  • Good presentation is crucial – and this includes presenting your property in a visually appealing way in photos, social media, and of course, during the visit.
  • Working with a sole agency will help you with practical matters such as plans, permits, and legal documents, as well as expenses related to the sale.
  • Get your pricing right by getting trusted advice, and be open with communicating with your agent any information that could be helpful in closing the sale.