Flatsharing Etiquette: 15 Rules To Follow For Impeccable Harmony

Last updated: 01.09.2023

Are you considering flatsharing? Then you’ll need to brush up on your flatsharing etiquette! In order to make the experience as smooth and harmonious as possible for everyone involved, there are some important rules you need to follow when sharing an apartment with other people. From keeping common areas clean to being considerate of noise levels, read our top 15 tips for flatsharing success. Following these simple guidelines can help ensure everyone enjoys a positive experience while living under the same roof. Happy flat sharing!

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1) Establish an agreement. Before you move in, make sure you know the terms of your arrangement, including the duration of your stay and who will be responsible for what expenses (e.g., groceries, rent, utilities). Setting up an agreement upfront can help avoid any confusion or disputes down the line. 

2) Cleanliness is key. Make sure everyone is on the same page about how often common areas (kitchen, bathrooms) should be cleaned and by whom. If necessary, create a shared chore list that outlines who’s responsible for which tasks each week or month. 

3) Respect each other’s belongings and space. Everyone deserves their own privacy and personal space—so respect your roommates’ belongings and boundaries at all times. This includes knocking before entering someone else’s room and not using their stuff without asking first! 

4) Communicate openly & honestly. Open communication is essential when it comes to living with others. If there’s a problem that needs to be discussed, address it head-on instead of letting things fester beneath the surface. That way, everyone can work together to come up with a solution that works for everyone involved! 

5) Set expectations for guests & visitors. Before you start having people over, make sure all roommates are on the same page about expected behavior for guests and visitors (e.g., noise levels and overnight stays). It’s also important to agree on how often guests can visit, so no one feels like their home has become an impromptu hostel! 

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6) Don’t forget about bills & rent payments. Make sure all bills (such as rent payments or utility costs) are paid on time by setting up automatic payment plans or reminders via email/text message if needed—that way, no one has to worry about late fees or forgotten invoices ever again!  

7) Divide chores evenly & fairly. When it comes time to divvy up household chores like cleaning dishes or vacuuming floors, make sure they’re divided evenly among all roommates, so no one feels like they’re doing more work than anyone else—it’s only fair!  

8) Practice good hygiene habits. Good hygiene habits are essential when living with other people in close quarters, from keeping food containers sealed tightly to taking regular showers/baths—make sure everyone is aware of how these habits affect them collectively as well as individually!  

9) Be mindful of noise levels. If you live in an apartment complex with thin walls or shared outdoor spaces, keep noise levels at acceptable levels out of respect for your neighbors—especially during quiet hours between 11 pm-7 am (or whatever time frame works best for everyone).

10) Don’t hog the bathroom. Everyone needs time to get ready in the morning, after all. If you typically need a lot of time, try to think of ways to minimize it, such as only showering every other day or never using heat-styling tools. Alternatively, you can wake up earlier than your flatmates and take care of your needs without making the bathroom your own during rush hours. This way, everyone can have enough time in the bathroom without having conflicts between roommates.

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11) Respect each other’s schedules. When sharing a flat, it is important to remember to be considerate of the schedules of others. Parties and gatherings that occur late at night can often affect those around you, making it difficult for them to return to their morning routine. To ensure peace between flatmates, try not to plan any events that go too late at night as it won’t be appreciated by everyone in the flat.

12) Discuss how you manage the food and cooking. Establishing who will shop for groceries ahead of time, who will cook meals and at what time, how meals are shared or split among housemates, and who takes care of cleaning the kitchen can all be helpful. Earmarking a designated layout for grocery items once they are returned home would also help keep the kitchen organized while making it easier and faster to fix meals during the week. 

13) Pets. If one of your flatmates has a pet, be sure to show it respect and remember that it’s just as much of a part of the household as everyone else. When visiting, ensure that you ask for permission before attempting to pet the animal – some animals may not feel comfortable with people they don’t know. Respect their space and never try and feed or move them around without permission. You should also help with taking care of the pet if you’re staying in the flat for long periods. Make sure you take the pet on any walks they need, clean up after them and even offer assistance with vet appointments

14) Create a sense of community. That starts with something as simple as having everyone contribute to a grocery list and then rotating cooking duties for regular ‘friend meal nights.’ To make things even more fun, why not take those nights one step further with themed dinners, movie and popcorn nights at home, or even cocktail-tasting nights if you’re feeling especially adventurous. Whatever you choose to do, there’s no wrong way to bring people together.

15) Have fun & enjoy yourself! Remember: living with other people doesn’t have to be stressful. Above all else, enjoy yourselves, and appreciate each other’s company while making memories that will last a lifetime!  

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Ana Coteneanu