Dhalia strengthens management team

Last updated: 20.11.2020


Dhalia Real Estate Services has added a new key member to its team, Sarah Gusman, to take on the role of business development manager.


Mrs. Gusman has eight years of experience in this position and will be working with Dhalia’s existing corporate team to develop and implement growth opportunities and create long-term value through customers, markets, and relationships. “I can see a lot of potential in Dhalia’s future to continue to grow and offer an all-round property service,” said Mrs. Gusman.


Her responsibilities with Dhalia will be to build better relationships with local partners and other stakeholders, while also reaching out to build links in foreign markets with global partners. Dhalia currently operates 18 offices in the Maltese Islands, with several more in the pipeline. The growing company is nurturing both existing and new overseas links to identify avenues for collaboration.


Those interested in joining Dhalia’s growing team of successful real estate professionals can visit dhalia.com/become-a-property-consultant/


This article appeared in the Sunday Times of Malta on 1st October 2017

Melanie Ciantar