Dhalia Cares for Puttinu

Last updated: 20.11.2020

Dhalia Real Estate Services recently took part in two events for charity.

Dhalia contributes to charitable events throughout the year under the collective name of Dhalia Cares. Dhalia Cares was started to bring Dhalia staff together through acts of kindness.

For the second time, members of Dhalia’s team gathered at the Hal Safi aviation park to pull a 60-tonne Boeing 757 for a total distance of 20 metres. After a rough start, the group overcame the challenge and completed the task. They actually felt strong enough to pull the plane back to the start position, so it would be ready for the next team.



CFO, Adrian Grech, said, “We are sending a message to our children that it’s a fulfilling mission to help others.”

Over the last weekend in September, Dhalia took part in the IFR Champion’s Cup. This series of football matches pitched teams from the real estate, iGaming, and finance sectors against one another in a battle for the top. The tournament was organised as part of the Puttinu Cares Marathon, located at the Marsa Sports Ground.

Konrad Sultana, a long-time football professional & manager of Dhalia’s Marsascala branch, said that “Every challenge that we can attempt as a company, as a team, is another breakthrough as we work together for Dhalia and for Puttinu.”


Melanie Ciantar