7 reasons why You Need a 3D Property Scan

Last updated: 20.11.2020


Do you have a high-end property for sale? 

Dhalia’s 3D property scanning technology is the right solution for a property with a lot to show.


Reach international property buyers

At the moment Malta is very popular with foreigners looking for a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle for themselves and their families. You can reach buyers all over the world by offering them the convenience of virtual property viewing. 

Fewer wasted viewings

Because the property is available online in a virtual space, you don’t have to waste your time on a large number of viewings. Dhalia agents are trained to first offer virtual viewings before setting up a second viewing of the actual space, only with serious buyers. 

Virtual reality technology

This cutting edge technology is fully integrated with Google cardboard and most VR headsets. 

Sharing is caring

In the real estate business, we know that when it comes to residential property a buyer wants to get opinions from friends and family. The property is accessible online, so it’s never been easier to show it to others.

Giving a better tour

The virtual property scan is fully interactive, meaning that viewers can take their time or move through quickly according to their interests. Some property buyers might spend time getting to know every angle of an underground wine cellar, while others may prefer to experience how many steps it would take to walk from the entrance to the kitchen. 

Dollhouse views

Since the technology captures concurrents scans of the whole property, buyers can actually view the property as a whole through the dollhouse feature. This is especially helpful to visualise the space as a whole.

Instant galleries

Apart from the interactive tour, the 3D scan also results in a variety of material which can be used to market your property. From 360degree images to video walkthroughs, this content can be shared all over the web.

Work smarter, with Dhalia’s exciting technology!

List your property with Dhalia and find out if it is eligible for 3D scanning. Call us on 21490681 or email info@dhalia.com

Melanie Ciantar