11 Hints to Get your property SOLD


When you are showing your home to a potential buyer, you want to change their mind-frame to a “Yes” attitude by accentuating your home’s positive attributes and drawing attention away from any negative aspects. Here are a few tips on how to do this.


The Warm welcome

  • Try to make the potential buyer feel welcome and not like an intruder in someone else’s space.
  • Don’t expect the buyer to remove their shoes, unless you are selling to a buyer for whom religious or cultural reasons mandate it. Prepare a (clean) doormat by the front door for prospective buyers to wipe their feet upon as they enter.
  • Leave the house. The buyer won’t feel free to speak truthfully about your house in your presence.
  • Don’t pressure or hurry the buyer. Allow them to take all the time that is needed.


A Comfortable Temperature

  • Forget your utility bill for a moment while you focus on comfort. If it’s cold enough to wear a sweater to stay warm, turn on a heater.
  • If it’s warm outside, turn on the air conditioner or fan. Ideally, heat or cool the house a degree or two warmer or colder than usual and then, once you have altered the inside temperature, set it temperature at normal. This prevents the heat or A/C from kicking on when the buyer is present, because some some systems can be quite loud.
  • The idea is to keep your guest around for as long as possible, especially on hot or cold days.


Create a Mood

  • Light a fire in the fireplace.
  • Turn on soft music, at a low volume.
  • If you have water fountains, turn them on. They are especially useful for drowning out traffic noise.


Sweet smell of Success

  • Many people are sensitive to strong scents and deodorisers, so don’t spray or plug-in any air fresheners.
  • Don’t burn candles or spray perfume in the bedroom for the same reason.
  • If weather permits, open the windows — if there is too much noise outside, close them, but leave curtains or blinds open.


Great Visuals

  • Houseplants liven up rooms and add a sense of freshness.
  • If you have seasonal photographs showcasing flower gardens, leaves bursting in colour or a snow-covered lawn twinkling from street lights, then display them in a prominent position.
  • Open all the window coverings to let in light.
    Keep partially closed any blinds that otherwise show undesirable outdoor scenery such as a dilapidated fence or a nearby structure that obstructs views.


Light up the House

  • Turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights and closet lights.
  • Brighten dark rooms that have few windows by placing spot lights on the floor behind furniture.
  • Turn off TV as the flickering image can be distracting.
  • Christmas lights (aka fairy lights) have a charming effect around bed frames, doorways and shelving.


Engage the Sense of Touch

  • Drape sensuous fabrics such as velvet or silk throws over chair arms, sofas and at the foot of the bed.
  • Leave doors slightly ajar to encourage your prospective buyer into opening and exploring.
  • If you have carpeting, vacuum in one direction.


Food for Thought

  • The best way to entice buyers to linger and notice even more details about your home is to offer them food. You don’t need to cater a lunch, but finger sandwiches, cookies, soft drinks, water, desserts, all are welcome.
  • Set out serving utensils, if needed.
  • Provide plates, cups and napkins. They can be paper products.
  • In plain sight, provide a waste receptacle.


Encourage Buyer Feedback

  • Near the snacks, leave pens and a stack of pre-printed questionnaire cards or a guest book to sign.
  • Buyers will feel obligated to respond to your request after being fed.
  • The feedback you receive will be invaluable.
  • Allow buyer anonymity.


Get a Great Agent

Most of the time, the quality of your agent will determine how quickly you sell. This is because agents have a network of contacts which is constantly updated, allowing agents to link buyers with sellers. Dhalia has one of the largest property portfolios on the island, and with an excellent team of professional agents, the Dhalia brand is built on trust.


Learn the details

There are many professionals involved the sale of a property.
Selling your property is not a simple one-step process. Your estate agent will be able to guide you through the involvement of the notary and the bank, what will be done at the promise of sale agreement, and what fees and taxes you will need to pay.


Is your property ready? It may seem like a lot of effort to go through in order to sell your property, but once the promise of sale contract is signed you’ll know it was all worth it. If you need help getting to this stage you can speak to one of our experienced agents: call us on freephone 800 74949, or email us on info@dhalia.com.