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Malta voted as best retirement destination

30 November, 2012  

The mild weather that Malta can boast of throughout most of the year, yes forget the very hot summer this year, the long hours of sunshine, the fact that English is spoken by the majority of residents, the free healthcare and the low taxes have earned Malta the title of the top place where Brits should retire.

23 countries were surveyed by Yahoofinance.UK on the bases of rainfall, hours of sunshine, property prices and property tax, petrol costs, expats, criminality rates, healthcare available, healthcare costs, distance from home and grocery index. 

Malta was voted the top, all round retirement destination due to having over 3,100 hours of sunshine a year; an average year round temperature of 18.9 degrees Celsius and English as a first language for most people. 

Portugal ended up in the second place due to it sharing the same time zone as Britain, the cheap property prices and for having the third largest British expat community in Europe. 

Spain came up third for having the largest expat community in Europe and one of the lowest crime rates of the countries investigated.

The other countries that made the top ten list of retirement destinations were Barbados, the USA, Australia, Thailand, Jamaica, Morocco and Greece. 

Early last year Malta together with Zimbabwe tied first place with the best climate on earth in the Quality of Life Index published by the International Living magazine. Eoin Bassett, the editor of the magazine, had said that of the two Malta was the magazines favourite. “With 5.2 hours of sunshine a day, a stable government and economy, Malta is a very strong draw for expats. And it’s English-speaking,” he said. 

The magazine, that mostly caters of US expats, had also referred to the low criminality rate, the hospitality of the locals and the excellent health care. “There aren’t any property taxes, and the U.S. expats who benefit most from living here are those who retain earnings from elsewhere that they then elect to get taxed in Malta, at 15%,” it said.