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MALTA: A Unique Property Destination

10 December, 2010  

The romance of long ago meets the finesse of modern living

At the centre of the Mediterranean, 93 km (60 miles) south of Sicily, the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino glow like liquid honey. The smallest EU member, this Mediterranean nation is fast becoming one of the most sought-after addresses in the region with an ever-growing number of people moving to Malta to make it their new home. Within an estimated resident population of about 440,000 (of which the majority are native Maltese), one can find several rapidly-expanding minorities. Indeed, since gaining full EU membership, Maltese property is in demand by many EU and Non-EU nationals, particularly from Scandinavia, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany and Italy, find in the Malta a welcoming country, a treasure trove of history and historical artefacts, high standards of living and, importantly, a vast array of competitively priced properties.

Truly, the Maltese property market is brimming with investment potential now more than ever, and property in Malta is deemed an extremely valuable possession – financially and aesthetically. Prices for prime property in Malta, like villas and seafront apartments, have stabilised following the recent global economic events, while in the case of flats, maisonettes, and the like, all of which abound in idyllic locations around the island, prices did actually go down, making this a perfect time to invest – like many already have! Foreign investors are not just investing in Maltese property and enjoying the benefits of a home in a Mediterranean country, but also taking pleasure in the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle, in a safe economic environment where foreign nationals are welcome and greeted with warm Maltese hospitality. Little wonder than that Maltese property is causing such excitement at expos and fairs worldwide.

The real estate industry in Malta is renown among industry professionals for its quality human resources and properties, with many real estate agents specialising in relocations. Needless to say, when relocating to Malta it is best to let yourself be guided by well-experienced estate agents who can help you not only with finding the property you want but also with having it prepared to the minutest of details for the day you move in. With that kind of professional help your property in Malta really does lend itself to the ultimate experience in comfortable, enjoyable living.

Being a property owner in Malta gives you great peace of mind. You are reassured that your property will increase in value with time, offering you a gain on your capital income. Moreover your property will be located within a highly reputable economic environment. You will also enjoy a truly high standard of living and experience the beautiful synergy between modern life and historical culture. Living in Malta is an experience few countries can compare with: the setting is wonderful, services on the island are among the best in Europe, and property can reflect the nation’s intense history or showcase the latest in property design, technology and standard of living, or even both. Suddenly, the “land everybody always wanted” is again on everybody’s wish-list!