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Why Dhalia?

Choosing a real estate agent to assist you with your transaction may seem to be a difficult decision as most importantly you need to ensure the claims made by agents are well founded. At Dhalia we are different. For over two and a half decades, we have been immersed in the property market. We don’t just offer real estate services. We go beyond this to provide you with a full real estate consultancy service. We excel in providing prospective clients with a holistic service which is the result of extensive market research, in-depth knowledge and considerable experience in the real estate market.

Our Promise

  • Our mission is to provide a unique, personalised and professional service to home owners and prospective home buyers at all times.
  • Our qualified team will ensure that your process for buying or selling is thorough and complete with first class service.
  • Our team can provide you with a free market valuation of your property.
  • For those in the market of upscale luxurious property, Luxury Living by Dhalia, will assist you with your search and will help you find your dream property.
  • Our team will provide a real estate consultancy service to the business community through our dedicated and specialised department.
  • We will provide you with sound property-related advice and we will assist you further by liaising with notaries, lawyers, architects, planning officers and banks.
  • Our team is fully qualified and knowledgeable in the property industry.
  • We promise to treat all of our stakeholders with respect and integrity and to behave ethically and with sensitivity to the needs of the vendor and buyer at all times.

Trust is first and foremost at Dhalia.

Page last updated on: 31/08/2014